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Whippet Echoes April 2023

This 198th edition of Whippet Echoes brings news of both academic and athletic successes plus a noteworthy retirement.  Reactions to February 15 edition of Whippet Echoes: New Whippet Echoes Network Members: Passings News End of an era.  School superintendents can make […]


Doris May Pry obituary

Doris May Pry passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Saturday, April 15, 2023, at the age of 95. She is survived by her son Melvin Pry \’70. She was


Timothy Guenther obituary

Timothy E. Guenther \’73 is survived by his wife Elizabeth (Betty) Guenther,  and sister Lori J. (Guenther) Stewart \’79. Tim was inducted into the SHS Hall of Distinction in 2015. Timothy E.

Whippet Echoes

Whippet Echoes January 2023

This 196th edition of Whippet Echoes takes readers to the skies with one young bird on its maiden flight and two SHS grads flying much bigger “birds” to word of alumni support for our alma mater.


Janet Keller obituary

Janet Keller is survived by her husband Dahryl Keller; three sons Dahryl Glen Keller, Charlie Keller \’77, Keith Keller \’83; two brothers Joe Stepp \’63, Jim Stepp \’66. Janet R.


Paul Steven Precht obituary

Paul Steven Precht \’67 is survived by brother, Jerome Precht \’60; sisters, Patti Lauderbaugh \’77 and Roberta Coomer \’63.  He is preceded in death by parents Robert Albert Precht \’37


Richard E. Claes obituary

Richard E. Claes \’41 is survived by sons David Claes \’67 and Dale Claes \’70. Richard was preceded in death by his wife Lois Cavinee Claes,  sister Marilyn Claes Wickemeyer

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