Whippet Echoes October 2022

This 194th edition of Whippet Echoes takes us back in time – and looks forward.   

Reactions to August 15 Whippet Echoes: 

  • “Just read the new Whippet Echoes.  This one was full of a variety of news. It’s also so nice when pictures are sent in.  I can’t begin to imagine how much time you four spend to get this out to all of us!  You are all so much appreciated. Hope you are doing well.  I’m definitely slowing down, but I think that’s expected at my ‘young’ age!  It’s a bit difficult to scrounge up much energy during our monsoon season that brings in the rain/ humidity and temps well over 100 degrees. BUT…we live in Arizona for the winters, NOT the summers! Take care and thanks again for a job well done!” Marsha St. John Bell ’56
  • “I\’ve been WAY TOO TARDY in my thanks for Whippet Echoes. What a great way to be able to keep track of SHS alumni spread out worldwide. The lasting memories are wonderful. I always had a goal to be as good of a biology teacher as Miss Snyder and as good of a football coach as Coach Wilkins. I never made it but I had a great time trying. They were always my mentors.” Dave Gates ’61 
  • “Seeing the Aug. 15 newsletter with the Gillers reminded me -sadly – of our \’61 classmate and one of the best people I have ever known – Greg Giller – Ann and Gary\’s younger brother, who passed away from cancer in 1960, just before the start of our senior year. Greg was also our best basketball player.  He was greatly missed by many of his classmates for his great sense of humor and disposition.” Russ Pfahler ’61 
  • “Thank you.” Clara Smith Pummell ’71 
  • “I\’m sorry to have missed Shelby this year and sorry to say goodbye to Skiles Field.   I spent a lot of time in those bleachers.” Nancy Nicholson Yoder \’60

New Hall of Distinction Inductees on the stage in the SHS theater on October 1. 

From left to right: Fred Cooke ’68 (retired teacher), Mike Dick ’74, Lois Robertson accepting for Carrie Rietschlin Kemerer ’96 who was traveling abroad, Nathan Dowds standing in for his deceased father Dan Dowds ’72, Beverly Jewell White ’50, Mike Medley ’96.  Congratulations to all.  They are now among 99 alumni in the HOD and 22 former faculty members.  Editor’s note: The 2023 graduating class will include the 17,000th alum.


  • Jim Murtha ’56 lost his long-time partner Cay Cunningham when she died at 82 on July 14 in Texas.
  • Lisa Steiner ’83 of Columbus and Jim Wentz ’86 of Shelby lost their mom when Kay Reed died at 78 on Aug. 6 in Shelby.  She was a Union Local HS grad.  Also surviving is Dave, her husband of 26 years.   
  • Tom Arntz ’56 died at 84 on Aug. 10 in Kentwood, Michigan.  Surviving are Marianne Turner Arntz ’56, his wife of 62 years, and sons Mike, Patrick, Bill.
  • Robert Ellis Sr. ’47 died at 93 on Aug. 12 in Mansfield. Surviving is son Robert Jr. ’69.  Predeceasing Robert were wife Mary in 2017, son William in 2015, daughters Elizabeth Watkins ’70 in 2019 and Janet Ellis ’75 in 2022.    
  • Keith Shaffer ’60 died at 80 on Aug. 12 in Ashland.  Surviving are kids Lacey Riddle, Keith Shaffer Jr., Tory Shaffer, Tamara Clinard, John Newlan, Letha Newlan, Shaffer.
  • Former SHS biology teacher Dick Martin died at 83 in Shelby.  He was a graduate of Glenwood HS and earned degrees from Ohio University and Ohio State University.  He taught at high schools in Lodi and North Royalton before starting teaching at SHS in 1966.  He retired in 1990.  He was a prolific writer of newspaper columns, magazine articles and books.  Surviving are wife Jane and kids Scott Martin ’84 and Gillian Martin Mehers ’82.   
  • Roger DeVito ’69 died unexpectedly at 71 on Aug. 12 in Escondido, CA.  Surviving are wife Phyllis and kids Heather Engel of Sacramento, Salvatore of San Diego and Roger of Sarasota, FL.   
  • Margaret Ensman Sifferlin ’50 died at 89 on Aug. 19 in Shelby.  Surviving are Carl ’50, her husband of 67 years, and kids Dan ’74, Mark ’76, Carla Arnold ’78, Nancy Baird ’80, Sandy Kelly ’92. 
  • Becky Reis Davis ’63 died at 78 after a long illness on Aug. 18 in Smithville, TN.  Surviving are daughters Mary Brady and Sally Franklin.  Predeceasing Becky was Frank, her husband for nearly 50 years.   
  • Denise Gwinner Welch ’71 lost Charles, her husband of 42 years, when he died at 70 on Aug. 27 in Crestline.  Surviving are kids Shane, Jodi & Cory Welch.   
  • Jimmy Swanger ’79 died at 61 after a brief illness on Aug. 26 in Shelby.  Surviving are sons Keith ’10 and Cory ‘12. Predeceasing Jimmy was son Curtis.   
  • Myrna Knee Seaman ’66, Shelby resident, died at 74 after a short illness on Aug. 30 in Mansfield.  Surviving are Arthur ’60, her husband of 50 years, and daughter Michelle Bryson of Pine Knoll Shores, NC. 
  • John Carner ’63 died at 77 on Sept. 3 in Tipp City.  Surviving are Mary Jo Drilling Carner ’62, his wife of 55 years, and sons Tom and Joe, both of Tipp City, and Andy of Maumee. 
  • Christopher Thompson ’02, Shelby resident, died at 37 on Sept. 8 in Columbus.  Surviving are parents John ’73 & Pam Thompson.   
  • Larry ‘Ed’ Hatch ’69 died at 71 in Shelby.  He was an Army vet.  Surviving are Kathleen, his wife of 40 years, and kids Matt, Jeff ’00, Amanda Arnold ’04.     
  • Axel Wittig ’69 died unexpectedly at 71 on Sept. 19 in Shelby.  A native of Germany, he was a U.S. Army veteran.  Surviving are kids Samantha Roub ’97 and Axel ’04.  Predeceasing Axel was brother Ralph ’73.    
  • Howard Baird ’51 died at 89 on Sept. 20 in Shelby.  He was an Army vet.  Surviving are Marjorie Hartz Baird ’53, his wife of 67 years, and kids Kim ’75 of Cincinnati, Steve ’77 of Sylvania, Todd ’79 of Ontario, Kevin ’82 of Solon, Michele Glenwright ’85 of Ontario.   
  • Vickie Kemp Snyder Luster ’72 died at 68 on Sept. 20 in Shelby. Surviving are David, her husband of 37 years, and sons Ryan ’91 of Lancaster, Josh ’93 and Jacob ’96, both of Chicago, Luke ’00 of New York, Alan Luster of Nashville, Drew Luster of New York.  Predeceasing Vickie was her first husband Tim.   
  • Eleanor Pemberton Broomhall ’38 died at 102 on Sept. 22 in Ontario. Surviving is son Kort ’65. 
  • The Klepser sisters – Diane Evans ’74 of Baxter, TN; Laura Fry ’79 of Shelby; Susan Klepser ’85 of Columbus – lost their mom when Christine Klepser died at 89 on Sept. 25 in Shelby.  In 2016 she was preceded in death by John, her husband of 62 years.      

New SHS Alumni Email members: 

  • Paula Kessler ’64   
  • Kort Broomhall ’65 
  • Craig Studer ’69   
  • Janet Krietemeyer Studer ’71  
  • Joe Wheeler ’73 
  • Paula Jose Wheeler ’75
  • Gary Jennings ’74 
  • Todd Varble ’77
  • Ricky Hopton ’81
  • Jennifer Schieber ’06  
  • Matthew Watson ’08 
  • Emily Shepherd ’17 
  • New SHS staff: Erin Howarth 
  • Adam Schroeder ’10 



A Class Gathers – and Remembers.  Following the worst of the covid pandemic, members of the Class of ’69 resumed their regular gatherings at The Vault.  They spoke fondly of deceased classmate Gail Hogue Myers who died recently and who had organized the gatherings for many years.  Photo below courtesy of Jocelyn Armstrong McAuley.   

SHS Alumni Association.  On August 19, during the hours before the last football game at Skiles Field, on the Black Fork Commons the Alumni Association sold chances for a drawing on a Whippets football helmet.  Winner was Ed Thurman ’65, a former footballer.  Pictured in the photo below are Alumni Association board members Janet Page Whitehill ’62 and Mary Lee Hannafus Barr ’66.  Just days before the event the association donated $605 to SHS for scientific calculators for Algebra 1 and Geometry classes.  That brought association donations to SHS to $276,063.


94 years – from first to last.  W.W.Skiles field was dedicated in 1928.  The first game there saw Shelby down Willard 12-6.  This past August 19 saw the last game at Skiles Field where the Whippets edged the Mansfield Madison Rams 10-7 in one of the field’s most dramatic contests.   

Here’s perspective.  Shortly before the season started, Whippet Casey Lantz, a junior, was told he wouldn’t be the starting quarterback.  Instead of giving in to disappointment, Casey asked head coach Rob Mahaney what else he might do to help the team.  Well, in the Madison game, he worked out pretty well as a receiver and kicker.  In the 3rd quarter of a scoreless tie, he caught a 65-yard touchdown pass – and then kicked the extra point.  Late in the 4th quarter with the score at 7-7, as time expired Casey kicked a 22-yard field goal for the 10-7 victory.   


In the photo below Casey is sporting – deservedly – his post-game Game Changer shirt. 


At the last Skiles Field game, joining thousands of fans, more than 120 alumni band members and some 200 former Whippet football players were dozens of alumni cheerleaders!  


More than 1,100. Since 1894 and through 2021 Shelby football teams took the field 1,134 times.  They won 687 games, lost 405 and tied 42.   The Whippets have chalked up 83 winning seasons, 30 losing seasons and 15 break-even seasons.  They earned 27 league championships. Pretty darned good. 

Save the date – an early alert.  The Class of ’74 will be holding its 50-year reunion at the Kehoe Center on July 20, 2024.

The SHS Alumni Association now has a website.  Check it out at https://shelbywhippetsalumni.org/  

Your Faithful Foursome – Greg Daniel ’71, Susan Scharenberg, Christina Yetzer Drain ’75, Mike Johnson ’63 – continue to welcome input for the newsletter which has begun its 22nd year.  You can send word of births and birthdays, weddings and wedding anniversaries, passings, graduations, jobs and career changes, family and class reunions, hobbies, travels, moves, awards, honors, recognitions, honors, community involvements to gdaniel0488@gmail.com.  All in all, such input remains the lifeblood of Whippet Echoes

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